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Tantric Ritual

Immerse yourself just a little bit more and journey into the rich teachings and magic that tantra has to offer. The invitation is to allow yourself to indulge in a 3 - 8 hour session exploring some of the beautiful tantric rituals and then immersing yourself in a tantric massage which will last at least 3 hours of the session.

Exploring tantric ritual and the work of tantra really allows you to journey so much deeper and actually learn about yourself, others and how you connect with others as you begin to do the work. It can be powerful and enlightening at the same time and has the potential to take you to the core of your being.

I create these tantric experiences based on your specific needs so you get the most out of the experience and gain a deeper insight into what ritual and tantra has to offer. This truly is an experience of meeting you where you are at in any given moment in full presence and connection as we journey together.


Tantric Ritual and Ceremonies can include, yet are not limited to

  • Ecstatic breath work
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how energy moves through your body
  • Energy work skills
  • Exploring the witness, observer and inner critic
  • Connecting to your desires
  • Polarity processing
  • Marma Point Massage
  • Exploring the senses
  • Full body Tantric Massage
  • Orgasmic Yoga and meditation
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Healing rituals
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Erogenous zone massage
  • Tantra chakra Ritual
  • Sacred soul gazing
  • Honouring Shakti / Shiva
  • Discovering self pleasure
  • Connecting with your life-force energy
  • Heart centred touch
  • Sexual shadow integration work
  • Elemental ritual
  • Letting go and calling in ceremony
  • Exploring archetypes

I will very much look forward to working with you in ritual and ceremony to widen your understanding and through ritual, ceremony and the work of tantra face and begin to heal any challenges you are facing. Together with the tantric massage this can be an all-encompassing, empowering experience that is an investment in yourself.

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