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Tantric massage is offered as one way touch from me to you as you master the art of fully receiving. Quite often we get stuck in giving and forget to receive for ourselves, so dropping into a place of fully receiving sensual tantric touch as you give yourself permission to let go. Tantric massage moves between deep firm touch to light sensual touch to energy work and each massage is different as I am going where the energy is.

The tantric massage will take place on futon on the floor in my temple space. The massage I offer is based on principals of ancient tantric techniques and rooted in Ayurveda teachings and tantric energy work. During the massage I will be connecting to the physical and subtle body, physically and energetically. I will provide a sensual and spiritual experience as you come into full presence during the massage and connect to source and build up that connection with your sexual energy. Taking you into orgasmic waves of bliss and you ride the waves of enhanced sensual awareness and begin to really feel yourself fully.

I am trained in tantric energy work and there is a strong focus on moving sexual energy through your body as I work with the subtle body. This is powerful, intense and highly stimulating experience taking the orgasmic waves of pleasure to new heights and maybe the possibility of full body orgasm.

There is no expectations of where the tantric massage will end and it does not have to include genital touch (Yoni massage, Lingam massage and prostate massage) unless you would like it to. We agree boundaries at the beginning of the session and the invitation is to receive the massage while you are naked but you have a choice in how much or little clothing you would like to wear. I wear pants and a sarong for the massage. The tantric massage is one way touch from me to you as the focus is on your inner awareness and your pleasure without taking you outside of your body to partnered pleasure. This leaves you free to connect fully with yourself and surrender into your own pleasure.


  • Sensual one way touch from me to you
  • Breath work to come into full presence
  • Eye gazing to deepen intimacy and connection
  • Flowing in the exchange of erotic energy
  • Relaxing into presence and letting go of thoughts of performance
  • Connecting with your body though conscious touch
  • The opportunity of lingam, prostate, yoni and anal massage if you would like to receive intimate tantric genital touch.
  • I offer tantric massage sessions of 2 hours minimum up a full day if your desire is to explore the power of tantric rituals.

Our pathway is proceeding and the way is always changing, We are free from what prevents us to realize our destination – Yaima

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