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Explore the magic of a Tantric massage at the tantric massage Temple in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Nestled in the Pennine hills between Leeds, Bradford and Manchester.

Tantric massage is a journey or people who have a feeling that there is something more and who want to connect to their aliveness in their bodies. Have more pleasure and transform their relationships with themselves and others. Discover through the art of tantric massage the hidden possibilities that lay within each and every one of us.

Quite often people ask what is tantric massage is and for this I have no words. Tantric massage is esoteric and like many other things in life the only way to know is through experience as words alone simply cannot explain. the magic of tantric massage and tantric energy work. For anyone wondering what it’s all about I invite you to give yourself permission to explore as it is only then through your own exploration and experience that the knowing and awakening will come.

Awaken to the subtle senses in your body as you experience a more heartfelt expression of your sexuality moving away from goal orientated to pleasure experienced. Learning to become the commander of your sexual energy instead of being at its mercy. I will guide and support you into experiencing pleasure in your whole body and experience this bliss full state for longer without the urgency of release as we lift the lid and expand you capacity to feel pleasure. Freeing yourself of performance anxiety as you learn feel more and share more with your partner/s. The private one to one sessions offered in a safe relaxed space allow you to open to new experiences of pleasure and expanded awareness of subtle sensations in the whole body.


We are all just walking each other home - Ram Dass

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