Who am I?

Namaste and I extend a warm heartfelt welcome to you. I am Amanda a seeker of what is and explorer of inner self, the world and all that is around me. I spent many years seeking for the answers to questions not yet fully asked, my journey took me around the world and led me to be a participant on many of the world’s leading tantra teachers workshops and courses and a journey which continues in my ever expanding desire to learn and develop.

About Me

Through all this I came to realise that the truth lays within in so turning my attention inwards I lifted the lid on myself and journey inwards on what still is one of the most enlightening and powerful journeys of discovery I have ever undertook. I am still learning and still seeking but within that I came to understand that it is my passion to share my knowledge and experience with those that wish to share their experience and time with me.

It is my life’s work to honour the great beauty within me and all around you as I guide you into a new awakening to what is. Inviting you into presence as you come into your body as you drop the inner chatter of your mind to feel more. Giving you the skills and courage to face your inner critic and reclaim your power, making friends with your witness and observer to learn from them and become more of who you are.

About Me

I am grateful for the journey…

Through my own learning I have come to realise that the power is in the balance of the light and the dark and I have had the courage to dive deep into the darkness and integrate this to become true to myself and simply becoming me. Undoing the social conditioning as awareness becomes my virtue, I am grateful for the journey that has taken me deep into my body and mind giving up trust to my intuition, to welcoming what is and following my desire to share this with you.

My journey has so far led deep into tantra, tantric massage, sexuality, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and shadow integration work which is one of the most powerful pieces of work I have ever done. I revel at the thought of being able to bring it all together in a very unique powerful offering of tantric massage and ritual. I have been gifted with the ability to connect to my own energy and the energy of others taking you on a deep journey into discovering that there is much more to it. I am truly grateful for the gift of being able to bring to my sessions the esoteric magic of tantric energy work and I set my intention to be able to help others to discover this within themselves.  

I am passionate, committed to learning and continuing my own personal and professional development recognising that this journey is a lifelong journey to awakening to all that is.

About Me

My invitation is to you to share with me in what I have learnt as I share with you your journey and we move into expanded awareness of connecting though tantric touch and intimate, powerful tantric rituals.

‘Free from all the stories I have been told, I walk through the valley of my own shadow’ - Yaima

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